Department of Political Science, University of MinhoPedro J. Camões

PhD in Political Science: specialization in Public Administration (University of South Carolina)

Pedro J. Camões, with a PhD in Political Science (Major in Public Administration) in the University of South Carolina, is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Political Science and member of the Research Center in Political Science (CICP) of the School of Economics and Management (Universidade do Minho). He teaches and does research in the areas of Decentralization, Local Government and Finance, Local Service Delivery and e-Public Procurement. He is also the leading researcher of the FCT-funded project TrivPlat (A monitoring, management and evaluation tool for electronic public procurement), 2018-2020 and has a large experience as teacher of Public Budget in High Level Management Training Programs for Portuguese Public Administration. Member of the team that publishes, since 2003, the Portuguese Municipal Finances Yearbook.

Research Interests

Local government

Fiscal Decentralization

Public Sector Behavior

Service Delivery

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