Book “Após as Novas Guerras: Repensar a Violência em Relações Internacionais”



Luís Eduardo Saraiva
Sandra Fernandes

Publisher: Instituto Universitário Militar

Centro de Investigação e Desenvolvimento (CIDIUM)
ISBN: 978-989-54668-7-0


New Wars, Armed Conflicts, International Relations, Security and Defense.


This book is focused on the concept of “New Wars”, a new approach to analyze conflicts postulated by Mary Kaldor and other theorists since 1999, whose research has become a fracturing reference in the realistic view of international phenomena. These theorists assumed the need to look beyond the realistic paradigm in the analysis of International Relations. This is due to today’s “wars”, that became more civil than interstate and because they result from the collapse of the State-Nation-Development triad. However, theorists who follow the line of Kaldor’s “New Wars” do not pay attention to other changes, perhaps even more profound, that have altered the environment of armed conflict. In today’s wars, unsophisticated armaments are used, on the one hand, and this is one of the characteristics of Mary Kaldor’s “New Wars”, but the most sophisticated technology is also used more and more, either by the States , or by other entities that use force to achieve their ends. There is really a historical paradigm shift, in the Western context, that created a system of States as a reference in international politics. Wars are no longer just a clash between powers, with Armed Forces on the ground and negotiations to end the war and it becomes necessary to rethink how the State should adapt to these new challenges.

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