Faculty of Political, Social and Administrative Sciences, University of Santiago de CompostelaCristina Oliveira

Ph.D in Political, Social and Administrative Sciences

PhD and MA in Political, Social and Administrative Sciences, BA in Public and International Relations, BA in Public Relations and Advertising. Extensive professional experience as a lecturer in higher education in Public Administration, Management, Political Science, International Relations, Economics, European Studies, among others; trainer and e-trainer (certified by the IEFP and the Scientific-Pedagogical Council for Continuing Training) in the areas of protocol and image, management support, commerce, sales, logistics, distribution, management, marketing, secretarial work, human resources, entrepreneurship, communication/service, among others; consultant (technical, pedagogical and financial) for training organisations; internal training coordinator at the IEFP – Institute for Employment and Professional Training.

Interest and Research Areas

Political Communication and Marketing

Public Policy

Public-Private Partnerships

Political Process

Quality of Public Services

Innovation Management in Public Administration

Principles of Public Administration

Public Management Models

Deontology in Public Administration

Administrative Modernisation Management

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