Tokyo University of Foreign StudiesLÚCIO DE SOUSA

Ph.D. in Social Sciences
+81 042-330-5262

Lúcio de Sousa is an Associate Professor of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. His book entitled “The Portuguese Slave Trade in Early Modern Japan. Merchants, Jesuits and Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Slaves”, published  by Brill (Leiden, Boston), was awarded the first prize by the Portuguese History Academy (Ministry of Culture of the Portuguese Government) and by the Calouste Gulbenkien Foundation 2019.

Áreas de Interesse e de Investigação

Social History

History of Slavery

Slave Trade

Asian Slavery

Jewish Studies

Jewish History

Jewish Diaspora

Jews in Southeast Asia

A Presença Judaica em Macau, Nagasáqui e Manila no Século XVI: o caso Ruy Perez

Publication date: 2013

Type of publication: Journal Article

“A estrutura da população portuguesa de Macau no século XVI”「16世纪澳门葡萄牙人的人口结构」

广东省社会科学院 ・广东海洋死史研究中心主办『海洋史研究』第三辑、

Publication date: 2012

Type of publication: Book Chapter

The Early European Presence in China, Japan, The Philippines and Southeast Asia, (1555-1590)

Publication date: 2010

Type of publication: Book

The Jesuits and the Trade between China and Japan in the 16th and 17th centuries”

Publication date: 2007

Type of publication: Book Chapter

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