Paulo Duarte comments on the latest developments in the war in the Middle East


Paulo Duarte, Professor in the Department of Political Science at the School of Economics and Management at the University of Minho and Researcher at the Research Centre in Political Science (CICP), commented on the latest developments in the war in the Middle East on SIC Notícias on November 4, 2023.
According to the Professor, “Israel is determined to go ahead with this siege and bombardment of Gaza”, adding that “the conflict is taking on a new intensity”. Regarding the United States’ position on the war, Paulo Duarte says that “Israel is not respecting the principle of proportionality, of international law” and that “the United States looks bad in the photo because it hasn’t failed to warn Israel”. With regard to China, the CICP researcher explains that “China is an actor that, from the point of view of diplomacy, doesn’t have as much experience as the United States”. Paulo Duarte ended his speech by emphasising that “it’s time to rethink the obsolete nature not only of the United Nations” and “start considering a return to a charismatic figure”, guaranteeing that there is no shortage of mediators, but rather “the capacity to make concessions”.

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Catarina Magalhães

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