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The Research Center in Political Science (CICP) has three affiliated Doctoral Programs: the Doctoral Programme in Administrative Sciences (at the School of Economics and Management, University of Minho), theDoctoral Programme in Political Science and International Relations (at the School of Economics and Management, University of Minho) and the Doctoral Programme in Contemporary History (at the School of Social Sciences, University of Évora).

The CICP offers to the students of these Doctoral Programs, who are collaborative members of the Center, the opportunity to improve their skills in their respective scientific fields, support in their researches, organization of events and seminars that complement their knowledge, among other academic activities.

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CICP Doctoral Programmes Administrative Sciences

University of Minho

CICP Doctoral Programmes Political Science and International Relations

Minho University

CICP Doctoral Programmes Contemporary History

University of Évora

​​​​​The objective of the Ph.D Programme in Administrative Sciences is preparing students to conduct independent scientific work, thereby contributing to the progress of knowledge in this scientific field, which includes the areas of Public Management, Public Policies, Political and Administrative Organisation, Applied Public Management and Budget Administration.

This programme aims at not only preparing for university education and research, but also at the rationalisation and deepening of scientific policy decision processes and their management in the public sector and non-profit organisations and in such diverse areas as health, welfare, environment and education.​​​​​

The language of instruction in this programme is English.​

The Ph.D in Political Science and International Relations provides you with the fundamental tools for the development of innovative work in the field of Political Science and International Relations, in a stimulating and international research environment.

The Programme allows to consolidate the skills necessary for the production of original scientific work of both theoretical and applied scope in the field of Political Science and International Relations.

Students are continuously encouraged to work closely with the members of the Centre of Research in Political Science – CICP – as a way to improve the international dissemination of their work.

This PhD programme relies upon a strong epistemic and academic body, whose members hold Ph.D degrees from various outstanding European and North American Universities. This has also been one of the reasons why this programme has been the first choice of Portuguese and foreign candidates from countries as diverse as Angola, Brazil, Iran, Nigeria and UK.

The language of instruction in this programme is English.​

The Doctoral Program in Contemporary History is the top of a row of postgraduate training in Historical Studies (19th and 20th centuries), especially oriented towards the training of academic historians (early stage researchers) with a profile in which six elements stand out: the focus on History cognitive evolution and connections between Europe, Africa and the Americas in the 19th and 20th centuries; an academic orientation guided by the optics (agenda and methods) of Comparative and / or Transnational History; Thematic and analytical breadth and fair competition between different academic perspectives and approaches; strong emphasis on theoretical and methodological training; framing in a clearly transdisciplinary research environment, on the agenda, and interdisciplinary, in theoretical training and applied research, commitment to “internationalization”, integrating them in research agendas and in training and research networks and endowing them with academic skills, scientific, communicational and professional guidance to compete in the global market. Throughout the formative process and preparation of Doctoral Theses, students are integrated in Research Centers of excellence at the University of Évora, namely at CICP – Center for Research in Political Science, at CIDEHUS – Interdisciplinary Center for History, Cultures and Societies or at IHC – Institute of Contemporary History. Doctoral theses are, in principle, published in the EHEA E-Book Collection Theses and Dissertations [U.Évora and Bubok Editorial]


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