CICP Output Research Projects

“PARTICIPATION - Analyzing and Preventing Extremism Via Participation”
Participating ResearchersMaria do Céu Pinto Arena
Reference: H2020-SC6-GOVERNANCE-2018-2019-2020.
Coordinating Institution: Roma Tre University
Funding Organization: European Commission, Horizon 2020.
Duration period: 01-11-2020 – 01-11-2023.
“España ante los nuevos retos de la seguridad marítima: Instrumentos y estrategias en el marco internacional, europeo y peninsular”
Participating ResearchersAna Paula Brandão e José Palmeira
Reference: DER2016-78272-R.
Principal Researchers: Rafael Garcia Pérez e Isabel Lirola Delgado
Financing: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad de España (Programa Estatal de I+D+i Orientada a los Retos de la Sociedad 2017-2019).
Duration period: 01.01.2017 – 31.12.2019.
“The Politics of the European Semester – EU Coordination and Domestic Political Institutions"
Participating researcher and coordinator (with Francisco Torres)Annette Bongardt
Description: this Jean Monnet network brings together a transnational team of academics who analyze the economic and political effects of the European Semester (SE). The SE is a process designed to ensure the implementation of EU rules for balanced budgets and economic policies, supported by sanctions. The aim is to look at the last eight years of the European Semester and question whether it has really changed the formulation of macroeconomic policies in the EU and, if so, how.
Reference: Eurosem2018-2021.
Principal Researchers: Amy Verdun, University of Leiden.
Funding: Jean Monnet Grant and Erasmus + Program of the European Union.
Duration period: 2018 - 2021.
“Europe at the Cross Roads”
Annette Bongardt
Participating ResearcherAnnette Bongardt
Description: this research project aims to analyze the current challenges to the governance of the European Union and create a Policy Brief from the Institute of Public Policies, Lisbon.
Principal Researchers: Marina Costa Lobo, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon.
“Determinanty modelu koordynacji lokalnych usług publicznych w kontekście ekonomii kosztów transakcyjnych, charakterystyki rynku oraz kosztów politycznych”
International Advisor António Tavares
Description: Project under the theme “Determinants of local public service provision in the context of economic and political transaction costs and market characteristics”.
Principal Researchers: Katarzyna Szmigiel-Rawska.
Funding: National Science Center (Poland) worth 204,014 PLN (app. 50,000 €).
Duration period: June 30, 2019.
“Instytucje i wspórłządzenie lokalne a zmiany zagospodarowania terenu – badanie porównawcze wybranych krajów europejskich.”
Participating researcherAntónio Tavares
Description: Project under the theme “Institutions, local governance and land use changes - a comparative study of selected European countries”
Principal Researchers: Katarzyna Szmigiel-Rawska.
Financing; National Science Center (Poland) worth PLN 723,786.00 (€ 171,000).
Duration period: June 23, 2022.
“Qualidade da Governação Local”
Principal ResearcherAntónio Tavares
Description: this project sought to develop a multicriteria analysis model to determine the “level of governance quality” of each Portuguese municipality, through a system of indicators, defined and weighted by a panel of experts.
Principal Researchers: António F. Tavares
Financing; Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation in the amount of € 82,188.90.
Duration period: May 2016 to May 2018.
“EGOV for Context-Specific Public Service Delivery”
António Tavares
Team Member and Principal Researcher for the Research Line “SmartEGOV Project: Harnessing EGOV for Smart Governance (Foundations, Methods, Tools)”António Tavares
Description: Using Electronic Governance for smart governance: fundamentals, methods and tools.
Principal Researchers: Delfina Sá Soares
Funding: Managing Authority of the Northern Regional Operational Program 2020 (NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000037).
Duration period: January 2016 to December 31, 2018.
“História de Portugal”
Participating researcherDelfina Gomes
Description: developed by CEPESE - Center for Population, Economy and Society Studies.
Financing: Order of Certified Accountants in the amount of € 200,000.
Duration period: 2015-2018.
“PRONE: Peace Relations, Ontologies and Narratives in Europe: EU and its Eastern Neighbours.”
Participating researcherIsabel Camisão
Description: The Jean Monnet Center of Excellence is one of the Jean Monnet Programs created by the European Commission to promote the enhancement of higher education and high-level scientific research on European integration anywhere in the world. The University of Coimbra's Center of Excellence was awarded through an application under the general theme PRONE - Peace Relations, Ontologies and Narratives in Europe: EU and its Eastern Neighbors.
Reference: Erasmus + Action CoE Program Center of Excellence 611269-EPP-1-2019-1-PT-EPPJMO-CoE.
Principal Researchers: Maria Raquel Freire, Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra and holder of a Jean Monnet Chair.
Funding: Erasmus + Action CoE Center of Excellence Program.
“Research Network Communicating Europe”
Research Team CoordinatorIsabel Camisão
Description: Communicating Europe is a research network that brings together academics from the fields of law, politics, communications and sociology, in order to explore the role of communication in the evaluation of EU actions and policies, as well as the tone, content and the source of communications can affect public perceptions of the EU's legitimacy. Consult.
Funding: UACES - The Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies.
Principal Researchers: Benjamin Farrand, Catherine de Vries, Isabel Camisão and Katjana Gattermann.
Duration period: Spring 2019-Spring 2022.
“PLURIDEMOS - Diversidade Cultural e Origens Migrantes na construção da Cidadania e do Poder Político em Portugal”
Principal ResearcherIsabel Estrada Carvalhais
Description: this project is integrated in the research activities of CICP - Center for Research in Political Science.
Duration period: 2016-2019
"SPACEU2019 – Helping mobile EU citizens to exercise their political rights in EU Parliamentary Elections 2019”
Country Expert Isabel Estrada Carvalhais
Description: Spaceu2019 is an online tool created for the 2019 European Parliament (EP) elections, specifically adapted for EU citizens who vote in their country or place of residence.
Responsible researchers: Lorenzo Cicchi.
Funding: Observatory of Citizenship: Robert Schuman Center (EUI) and Maastricht University.
Duration period: October 2018 to January 2019.
“Entrepreneurship in the Public Sector (ESP): Practices and Results in Municipal Public Administration in an International Comparative Perspective”
Participating ResearcherJoaquim Filipe Araújo
Funding: CNPq, Universal Program 1/2016, in the amount of R $ 23,633.00.
Duration period: August 1, 2016 to August 1, 2019.
“Public Policies and Tourism Development: Analysis of National Destinations in Minas Gerais (2007-2016)”
Participating ResearcherJoaquim Filipe Araújo
Funding: Minas Gerais State Research Support Foundation - FAPEMIG - BRASIL (Visiting Researcher Grant), process BPV-00707-15 in the amount of R $ 9,973.95.
Duration period: March 25, 2016 to February 2018.
“EU Foreign Policy Facing New Realities: Perceptions, Contestation, Communication and Relations” (ENTER).
Member and National Delegate of COST ActionLaura Ferreira-Pereira
Description: The central objective is to obtain theoretical and relevant advice for the EU's policy and strategic approach in its international relations, in its communication and in the interaction with internal and external challenges.
Reference: COST Action CA17119
Funding: COST - European Cooperation in Science & Technology.
“The first Asian/Japanese communities in Europe and the Americas in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries”
Participating ResearcherLúcio Sousa
Duration: 2018 - 2020.
Duration period: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
”The Sephardic Diaspora and the East Asian Slave Trade”
Participating ResearcherLúcio Sousa
Coordination: Lúcio de Sousa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Duration period: 2016 - 2018.
Funding: Japan Foundation for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).
“RECON: What economic science is being done in Portugal? A study of recent Portuguese research in Economics (1980 to the present) ”
Participating ResearcherManuel Branco
Description: The RECON project aims to understand the nature and dynamics of evolution of the Economy in Portugal in the recent past, the dissemination of different theories and methodological approaches and the contribution of Portuguese research to contemporary debates.
Principal Researchers: Vítor Neves, Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra.
Reference: PTDC / IVC-HFC / 3826/2014.
Funding: Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)
Duration period: June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2019.
“What economic science is being done in Portugal? A study of recent Portuguese research in Economics (1980 to the present) ”
Manuel Branco
Participating ResearcherManuel Branco
Description: Project coordinated by the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra.
Project Coordinator: Vítor Neves, Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra.
Reference: PTDC / IVC-HFC / 3826/2014.
Duration period: June 2016 to June 2019
“Thinking Goa, a peculiar Portuguese language library”
Participating ResearcherMaria de Deus Manso
Description: The project aims to rewrite the history of Portuguese-speaking literature from Goa, former colony of the Portuguese empire in India, privileging, on the one hand, its relations with the other cultural, intellectual and artistic manifestations of that society and, on the other, relations that we can now establish between this literature and others (those in Portuguese or even English in English, among others), as well as between the cultural context in which it was forged and other related cultural contexts.
Principal researcher: Hélder Garmes, University of São Paulo.
Funding: FAPESP (São Paulo State Research Support Foundation).
Duration period: May 1, 2015 - April 30, 2020.
“GECEM: Global Encounters between China and Europe: Trade Networks, Consumption and Cultural Exchanges in Macau and Marseille, 1680-1840.”
Participating ResearchersMaria de Deus Manso and Lúcio de Sousa
Description: The project aims to rewrite the history of Portuguese-speaking literature from Goa, former colony of the Portuguese empire in India, privileging, on the one hand, its relations with the other cultural, intellectual and artistic manifestations of that society and, on the other, relations that we can now establish between this literature and others (those in Portuguese or even English in English, among others), as well as between the cultural context in which it was forged and other related cultural contexts. Consult.
Principal researchers: Manuel Perez Garcia.
Reference: GECEM-679371
Funding: ERC (European Research Council) -Starting Grant scheme under the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020),
Duration period: 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2021.
“Strategic Human Resources Management for Southeast Asian Universities (HR4ASIA)".
Participating ResearcherMaria de Fátima Jorge
Description: R4Asia aims to contribute to the organizational reform of higher education institutions by improving the management of human resources in the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.
Funding: European Commission, ERASMUS + sub-program. € 810,985.00 / total.
Reference: 573646-EPP-1-2016-1-VN-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Duration period: March 23, 2017 to March 2020.
“Asymmetries and Regional Convergence: Implications for Decentralization and Regionalization in Portugal”
Participating researcherMiguel Rodrigues
Principal researchers: Fernando Alexandre (Technical and Scientific Coordinator), João Cerejeira, Miguel Portela, Miguel Rodrigues and Hélder Costa.
Funding: Porto Commercial Association.
“La Transformación Digital Como Estrategia De Gestión Del Cambio Hacia La Pyme Conectada En La Región Euroace.”
Participating researcherMiguel Rocha de Sousa
Description: This project seeks integrative growth through cross-border cooperation in favor of business competitiveness, with the aim of improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies.
Funding: INTERREG España-Portugal.
Reference: 0743_CONECTA_PYME_4_0_4_E
"TIMES - Institutional Trajectories and Models of Social Enterprise in Portugal”
Participating researcherPatrícia Moura e Sá
Description: it is a research project at the Center for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, which aims to contribute to the knowledge of the meaning, profile, institutional context and roles of social companies in Portugal, in order to help strengthen their role in the resolution of social and societal problems.
Funding: funds from the COMPETE 2020 program, the POR Centro and the Foundation for Science and Technology.
“TrivPlat – A monitoring, management and evaluation tool for electronic public procurement”,
Principal ResearcherPedro Camões
Description: The Project intends to create a platform that aims to decrease the budget of public expenses in the acquisition of goods and services.
Reference: PTDC / CPO-ADM / 31171/2017.
Funding: Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and by ERDF, through the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Internationalization".
“Creation of Business Cooperation Networks in Rural Cross-Border Zones in the Agri-food (gourmet) and Tourism (CRECEER) Sectors”
Participating researcherSónia Nogueira
Description: The objective of the CRECEER project is to promote business cooperation in rural cross-border environments between companies and entities in the agri-food (gourmet) and tourism sectors, by improving the quality and design of their products and services, as well as incorporating ICTs. in their business models, creating cooperation networks between companies in these sectors and offering a common and specific identification of these areas, which will enhance their endogenous resources.
Funding: INTERREG V-A Spain-Portugal Cooperation Program (POCTEP).
Duration period: 2014-2020.
“Developing and implementing European Public Sector Accounting modules” (DiEPSAm)
Participating researcherSusana Jorge
Description: Within a consortium of experts in public accounting from five European universities, this project joins the efforts of harmonization of Eurostat (EU Statistical Office) in relation to public sector accounting. The aim of the project is to develop a teaching module for European Public Sector Accounting, which will be integrated into the curricula of partner universities, but will also be transferred to other European universities.
Reference: 2016-1-DE01-KA203-002880
Funding: ERASMUS +, with a grant of € 375,340.
Duration period: 01.10.2016 to 08.31.2019.
“The process of public sector accounting change as a result of IPSAS adoption in the Iberian Peninsula”
Participating researcherSusana Jorge
Reference: PTDC / IIM-GES / 6923/2014.
Principal investigator: Agostinha Patrícia Gomes (IPCA).
Funding: Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) with funding of € 65,320.

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