Seminar “Protecting Women’s Rights under CEDAW and the Istanbul Convention


The Course Director of the PhD Program in Political Theory, International Relations and Human Rights hereby invites you to attend in person, or via Zoom, the first conference of the Permanent Seminar of this PhD Program.

The Permanent Seminar will recurrently organize one conference per month, with the exception of the month of August.

The first conference of this Permanent Seminar will be held on April 26, at 5pm (Lisbon time), in Room 208 of CES, and will have as its theme “Protecting Women’s Rights Under CEDAW and the Istanbul Convention”, which will be presented by Prof. Irine Kherkheulidze of the University of the Caucasus, Georgia.

If you choose to watch the session via Zoom, you can do so by accessing the following link:

You are thus all invited to attend.


Catarina Magalhães

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