Book “De Lisboa a Pequim: Portugal na Faixa e Rota Chinesa”



International Institute of Macau

MOSAIC Collection: Volume LXIV
ISBN: 978-989-54696-2-8


China, Portugal, Belt and Road Initiative.


Taking a little bit of China – which is heterogeneous, complex and multifaceted – to a diversified audience is not an easy task. But still, not intending to circumvent the challenge, I will try to fulfill two objectives in this essay. On the one hand, contributing to making (more) accessible what, for now, is only known by experts and one or the other more interested reader. And, on the other, try to deconstruct myths about China today. What are the intentions of Xi Jinping? What place is reserved for Portugal in this new world that is slowly taking a new shape?

Catarina Magalhães

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