Miguel Rodrigues comments on Mário Centeno’s invitation to head the government on RTP3


Miguel Ângelo Rodrigues, Professor in the Department of Political Science at the School of Economics and Management at the University of Minho and Researcher at the Research Centre in Political Science (CICP), comments on Governor Mário Centeno’s confirmation that he was not invited by the President of the Republic to head the government. The interview was broadcast on 13 November 2023 on RTP3.
Professor Miguel Ângelo comments that “what is still at stake is the quality of the institutions. It’s a political crisis. It’s a crisis of the regime,” adding that “there was no need to drag the Bank of Portugal into this situation,” and that it was of no benefit to anyone. On the question of whether Mário Centeno would be a good solution to lead the executive, Miguel Ângelo assures that “it’s not Mário Centeno’s personality that’s in question” and that “the solution of a continuity of this majority seems to me, in all measures, to be a bad solution because this majority, this government and this governing solution, with what came to light with this statement, was mortally wounded”.

The interview can be viewed at the following link: https://pt.cision.com/cp2013/ClippingDetails.aspx?id=22ab5dc7-5ef0-4d66-91d5-1270f527df43&userId=58400efe-2987-48f8-95d2-afd697a3da07

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